Launch of the new website

MIR, a Quebec company recently acquired by Groupe Mequaltech, is proud to unveil, today, its new brand image as well as its new online site. This project was made possible thanks to the collaboration of Groupe Lakhos, a digital firm specialized in the industrial field.

MIR is a technical recruitment firm that is positioned as a leader in the recruitment of specialized positions in the industrial field. MIR’s very human approach can help you fill vacancies within your company for both industrial and administrative positions.

The objective behind MIR’s new brand image and web showcase is to offer employers and future candidates a digital platform that meets their needs, meets their expectations and promotes MIR’s positioning. To do so, the site’s online navigation has been optimized for a better user experience, thanks to the proper positioning of the information, but also to the performance of the web infrastructure.

Specialized recruitment firm – The individual at the heart of our work « The individual at the heart of our work » is not just a phrase to look good, but the very essence of the firm. Inevitably, this was to be felt on MIR’s new online site. The success of a company is closely linked to good candidate support and the key lies in a solid, humane, efficient company structure that listens to the needs of candidates.

Adapted brand image

The complete overhaul of the website and a rejuvenation of the graphic charter will offer users a unique digital experience.

Easy navigation

Considering that candidates are doing more research via the web, this new online site offers users an adaptive interface that is as effective on a computer as it is on a tablet or mobile device.

Easy resume submission

With the Submit Your Resume tab, candidates are one click away from applying for a job that will meet their needs.